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Welcome to the Beckenham Angels Soccer Club a specialist women and girls club that represents a
unique sponsorship opportunity.
In 2015 football overtook netball as the sport with the highest particpation by girls and the numbers are
continuing to grow.
The success of WA’s Samantha Kerr and the Matildas has awoken the public to the importance and
success of the women’s game. There is no doubt that the Matildas are one of the best, if not the best
Australian sporting team competing on the international stage and have an impeccable reputation, and
as a result they are generating unprecedented interest especially from young girls and their parents.
The Beckenham Angels play in the highest level of football for women in WA, the WA State Premier
League; as well as across a range of junior age groups. The club has an excellent reputation for its focus
on women and girls, its highly talented coaches, and its club ethos of playing the game hard and with
passion, but also with integrity. Junior girls are coached by senior players who not only teach them the
necessary skills but also provide role models who demonstrate the Club’s motto of Loyalty, Pride and
Angels also engage in promotion of women and girls sport through participation in womens football
week, local government organised activities, and outreach activities in schools.
The Club has an ambitious agenda for change and improvement in 2018 including
• expanding into offering playing opportunities to younger girls
• embarking on a comprehensive training program for coaches so that all have the most up to date
methods at their command
• offering Skills Acqusition Programs in addition to regular coaching.
The Angels have always strived to be a low-fee club in order to foster participation in the game for girls
who might otherwise not be able to play. We are seeking sponsors to allow us to assist us with our 2018
program while keeping our fees affordable and are offering a range of sponsorship opportunities.
Please call me if you would like to know more about the Angels and how we may help each other.
Paul Grove - Club President
0475 63 13 23


Click here to see the sponsorship packages available

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