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Beckenham Angels

Membership and Code of Conduct Policy


Beckenham Angels is a club dedicated to providing opportunities for women and girls to play football and develop a life-long love of the game. Legally the Beckenham Angels Soccer Club (Inc) is an incorporated body formed for the purpose of promotion of womens soccer.


Principal characteristics of the Club


  • The Club is a volunteer organisation. 

  • The Club and its members respect the rights dignity and worth of every person irrespective of their race, colour, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national ancestry, disability, marital status or sexual orientation.

  • The Club demonstrates, and requires its members to demonstrate the highest standards of public behaviour both on and off the field.

  • The Club recognises a particular duty of care to junior members and players.




All players who register to play with the Club, and parents or guardians who register a player under the age of 18 years, are members of the Club upon completion of a membership form and declaration and acceptance by the Club. Other supporters of the Club may apply for membership and will be declared members after completion of a membership form and declaration, payment of a fee and acceptance by the Committee. The Club reserves the right to refuse a player or supporter registration or application for membership on grounds determined by the Committee.


All members of the Club are bound by the Club’s Rules and Code of Conduct and other codes and by-laws as determined by the Committee.



Beckenham Angels, like most other football West affiliated clubs, does not provide medical insurance cover and bears no responsibility for injuries incurred by its members. Player Medical Insurance is provided by Football West as part of the players registration fees, however members should be aware that this coverage has an excess attached and may not cover all costs associated with an injury. The Club recommends that all players consider taking out appropriate health insurance, particularly to cover the cost of ambulance treatment.


Code of Conduct


The Beckenham Angels have a Code of Conduct which must be adhered to by all members of the Club and each player or member must read and declare that they accept the terms of the Code prior to their registration or membership being accepted. The Code sets out the standards of behaviour and contributions expected by the Club, as well as detailing the commitments that the Club makes to players. In addition all persons associated with the Club are expected to abide by any Codes developed and published by Football West.


The Club may sanction any person who is in breach of the Code. Sanctions may include reprimand, fines, match suspension and suspension or termination of membership and will only be applied after investigation of the allegation and opportunity for the individual to respond as required by the principles of natural justice. The Committee’s decision in all matters relating to a breach of the Code is final.



A downloadable version of the Code of Conduct is here



The Code of Conduct


  • Responsibility

All players, match officials and spectators are responsible for their behaviour both on and off the field. Any person associated with the Club who causes the Club to be fined by Football West will be responsible for the payment of that fine.


  • Violence and Abuse

There is no place for violence in our Club on or off the field and the Club will not tolerate foul or abusive language directed towards players, opponents, match officials, administrators or spectators.


  • Discrimination and Vilification

The Club will not accept discrimination against any person or vilification of any person on the basis of their race, gender, ethnicity or sexuality.


  • Players

Players are required to:


  • Follow any direction from coaches and Club administrators.

  • Attend training regularly and provide 24 hours notice if possible if unable to attend training or a match.

  • Participate fully in all training sessions and matches and not engage in any activity that will distract or disrupt other players.

  • Play by the rules at all times.

  • Foster an environment of inclusivity and encouragement, offering peer support where necessary.

  • Act as assistant referee (linesperson) as required.

  • Assist with junior teams through coaching, assisting with training sessions, or officiating at matches.

  • Participate in promotional opportunities and fund raising activities as required.

  • At all times recognise that whilst in uniform or wearing the club logo they are representing the Club and should behave in manner that only reflects positively on the Club.

  • Strive for professionalism in their technical and personal growth as elite female athletes.


  • Coaches

Coaches are required to:


  • Treat all members of the team with equal respect and consideration. All players deserve equal attention and training time regardless of their ability.

  • Be reasonable with demands on players’ time and energy and give regard to other commitments that they may have, particularly education commitments of younger players.

  • Require all players in their squad to play within the spirit of the game and will ensure that the emphasis of the team is on participation.

  • Display control, respect and professionalism to all involved with football including but not limited to players, opponents, coaches, officials, administrators and media.

  • At all times accept official medical advice with regard to a sick or injured player.


  • Junior Coaches

Junior Coaches are required to abide by all general expectations of coaches and also have a particular responsibility to ensure that junior players are nurtured and that demands are appropriate to their skill level. Junior coaches are required to:


  • Place equal emphasis on skill development, pleasure in participation and winning.

  • Encourage players to try their best without admonishing or ridiculing their attempts.

  • Ensure that any physical contact with junior players is appropriate to the situation and necessary for their football development.

  • Immediately raise any concerns regarding the behaviour of a junior player or the behaviour of others towards junior players with the responsible parent/guardian and the Club President.

  • Ensure that where coaching is provided to junior players from persons other than the team coach, that activity is authorised by the Club.


  • Administrators

Administrators of the Club are required to:


  • Use their best endeavours at all times to promote the interests of the Club.

  • Declare any potential or real conflicts of interests.

  • Ensure that the players and coaches are supplied with the necessary equipment and that the equipment and facilities meet safety standards and are appropriate to the age, maturity and ability of the players.

  • Ensure that the Club engages in sound management practices.


  • Spectators

Spectators are required to:


  • Demonstrate the principles of good sportsmanship at all times and show respect to players from both sides and match officials.

  • Enthusiastically support the team, the players and coaches.

  • Never ridicule or abuse a player for making a mistake.

  • Refrain from using foul or abusive language.


  • Appropriate standards


All persons associated with Beckenham Angels Soccer Club must maintain the utmost professionalism when conducting activities associated with the sport. In particular all must be aware that the Club has a duty of care to under-age players. At all times members of the Club are required to :


  • respect and care for the welfare of junior players

  • only engage in behaviour that is appropriate for young girls to witness and experience

  • support the technical and personal growth of junior members by offering encouragement where needed and leading through example at other times.

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